Who are we?

Meet retired Advanced Psychotherapist & Human Behaviourist, the Founder of the world’s largest Menopause Experts Group, Dee Gardner. She recognised that the topic of menopause had not been one often talked about. Certainly not one taught in schools as a compulsory subject (though action is being taken there slowly) even though it forms a huge part of a women’s biology. Often more than a third of life is lived post-menopause.

Breaking Taboos

Other women’s health subjects such as periods, pregnancy and breast cancer are now, thankfully, commonly discussed. Most of us are aware and at ease talking about these. However, sadly, there is still a taboo surrounding menopause. Dee’s quest began during her own Perimenopause to create a safe, comfortable environment for women to take a break from their daily lives. They can spend a day in the company of experts, new friends, and like-minded women. Learning more about this important life transition, where the subject matter knows no bounds.

Exceptional Team

Dee has built an excellent team around her, and women from all walks of life, backgrounds, and skillsets. They have bought franchises enabling them to become part of the dedicated family. Offering retreats throughout the UK & Ireland. The growth of the business has been unprecedented, and the feedback to date has been so rewarding. Menopause Experts Group of companies continues to go from ‘strength to strength’ as it embarks on its worldwide expansion. The next year you will see it throughout Australia, New Zealand, Canada & the USA.

Rapid Worldwide Expansion Plans

The company has rapidly expanded services and offers educational days, through physical retreats (UK), or online through the e-learning programmes via Menopause Academy (Worldwide).  Cookery Schools via Menopause Chef, a delicious concept delivering days of cookery lessons offering menopause education. Delivered by qualified Nutritional therapists. Menopause Experts offer support and guidance from the world of Psychology, Nutrition, Mindfulness/Yoga, Wellness, Medicine, Nursing and more. Enabling friendships, or as we prefer to call it a ‘Sisterhood’ of other women. Participants gain a better understanding of their own biology, physiology, as well as psychology, in a safe, secure and non-judgmental environment.

Positive Mental Wellbeing

Dee has always inspired people and has long held the belief that if you understand how your mind works, then you can take better care of your body. Our retreats look at all aspects of life, and how to thrive during menopause. With 1 in 7 of us now living until we are 100, it is time to look at our long-term health.

Incredibly Inspirational Day Retreats

Our day retreats include food and beverages, in lovely surroundings. Perhaps bring your menopausal best friend or sister? Full-Days or Half-Days are available. Can’t get to us? We will come to you, with our educational, interactive and engaging online programme.

Menopause Academy Learning Online

Our amazing, and concise e-learning platform launched April 2020, to an audience who had been waiting for the launch with baited breath. Produced by the incredible team of experts, this 4-pillar approach will be life-changing for not only women, but for men too. It also allows professionals who work with midlife women to properly understand the medical, emotional and physical sides to menopause.

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