Symptoms? Brain Fog? Hot Flushes?

Our WORLD-CLASS e-learning online Academy is here! In these unprecedented times, and with much excitement, we bring you our incredible education to support you! We have been working around the clock to bring this to you whilst so many are self-isolating due to Coronovirus around the world.

Learn how to manage your emotions, psychology, wellness and medical treatments for those overwhelming menopause symptoms. Start to plan ahead, and learn how to take better care of yourself. We are trusted by medics, and work with experts in this field. We cover everything you need to know, leaving you feeling more in control again!

Breaking Old-Fashioned Taboo

There have been many taboos surrounding menopause over the years, in fact, forever! You would not believe how we used to be treated as women, and you can forget all about HRT. In Edwardian times we might have been force-fed the hormonal bodily juices of a squeezed Guinea Pig! Not much fun for either of us. Thankfully, times have changed, but it has been women who have had to take the stand, as we carry the torch lighting the way for women, and changing the way menopause is thought of, and experienced, not only now, but for the next generation.

Read our Blogs to find out more interesting information about Menopause, and the lead up called Perimenopause. There is always so much to learn, and information is power. The more you understand what is happening to you the better you will feel.

Trusted By Doctors, & Health Professionals

‘Anne Henderson, featured in the image, is a highly respected Consultant Gynaecologist and a member of our Advisory Team. She joins many other GP’s, Consultant Gynaecologists, Nurses & Healthcare Providers who all trust our services and programmes and interact with us regularly.

We have our own panel of clinicians who specialize in menopause. Our services, provided to remove stigma and improve education include; Interactive World-Class E-Learning Academy, for those wanting to learn more about how to manage symptoms at home, or dedicated Menopause Retreats throughout the UK.

Perhaps even try our amazing Cookery Schools via our Menopause Chef company. We make all our services trustworthy, informative and up to date. Your health and wellbeing is at the forefront of everything we develop.

Menopause can be helped, you just have to find out what is right for you. For some women HRT might be the best treatment to alleviate symptoms, but for those who may be over weight, or have a history of oestrogen dependant cancers, other ways of managing will be the way forward.

What ever your story, however you feel right now, there is help available and we love to educate and empower. You will learn how to understand what is happening to you, without feeling like you are going mad!

We have a team of experts, specialising in a variety of fields within women’s health, therefore, we can arrange consultations for you.

Up-to-date information…

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Does Menopause affect you at Work?

For many women, experiencing symptoms in the workplace can cause all sorts of feelings. The women we speak to tell us that they often feel overwhelmed, embarrassed and isolated at work.

Confidence takes a hard knock, and it can affect performance and relationships. We are proactively working with employers, and multi-nationals. Encouraging them to fund your personal development. Most will happily talk to us, and we could get you funding for either a U.K Educational Retreat day or for our e-learning Menopause Academy online. Tell us who you work for, and we will see what we can do for you, and your colleagues. Education is invaluable, and once you have all the knowledge, your menopause could become a breeze!

Recipes & Menu’s Dedicated To Menopause, at Empowering & Uplifting Cookery Schools

Our dedicated Menopause Chefs spend time developing recipes and menus specifically for women midlife. To encourage symptom management and improve healthy habits. Our nationwide cookery schools, not only show you foods rich in phytoestrogens can relieve symptoms of menopause, but you can also bring along your husband, brother, sister or mother, share the knowledge, and break down those old-fashioned taboos.

Education together, builds empathy and understanding which leads to feeling so much better! Everyone should be educated about menopause, it affects all women, and a lot of men too! If you happen to also love food, then this is what we call a win/win!

Inspirational blogs, a great read, for anytime…

Our blog is written by our team of professional writers both here in the UK and USA. They will make you laugh, cry and perhaps even cook! Be sure to pop by and take a look – you never know what you might find. Our blogs are packed full on incredibly useful information and menopause guidance that can super-boost your knowledge today. Follow our programmes to improve the way you feel about life and menopause. We cover a whole host of topics including Perimenopause, how do you know you are perimenopausal? When does Menopause start? What are the typical symptoms? We even talk about vaginas, of course we do, they play a huge role within this subject matter! We are not frightened about opening up dialogue, it is healthy to talk about things which previously may have caused embarrassment…

Expect, friendship & laughter at all our retreats!

Our Menopause Retreat Programme provides you with all the scientifically & medically-backed information you need in order to make informed decisions on how you can learn to embrace and deal with Menopause and/or Hormonal Changes. Our teams of Experts, Yoga Instructors & Menopause-Trained Nurses, Psychologists, and Nutritionists interactively cover topics like; Exercise, Movement, Diet, Nutrition, Psychological issues, the Human Body, General Health, HRT and will answer all your questions. Although this is a ‘full-on’ day, it is also a time to make new friends, giggle a lot and learn plenty! It also represents amazing value too! Invest in yourself, and reap the rewards.

Hand-picked venues, for you to enjoy!

We go out of our way to work with venues who understand what we offer and want to work with us to make it the best experience for you! We have dedicated Menopause Retreats available throughout the whole of the UK. there is bound to be one near you. Your experience means everything to us, we could just hire a village hall, however, we don’t think you would appreciate sitting on hard wooden chairs without any real feeling of luxury or pampering, the ambiance all adds to making the day special and empowering you as a woman. We don’t want to dumb it down, or scrimp, this day means too much, and you will see why when you attend!

Added extras, unbelievable value!

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Our services include Cookery Schools, Day Retreats and Online Programmes, something for everyone!

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